Artificial intelligence (AI) will be a major topic for the upcoming decades. Significant breakthrough have been happening recently, and this is a subject that fascinates our FUNgenieurs at SII Canada. Today we discuss about this subject with Romain, a member of our team.

As part of the 4 members of SII Canada’s team that went to Toronto Last December 13th and 14th for the Microsoft Tech Summit, Romain considers that this event was a memorable experience:

“These two days were very interesting for me because I focused on sessions dedicated to artificial intelligence, also called Machine Learning / Deep Learning. I was able to discover the approach and the tools proposed by Microsoft through quality speakers who also addressed the aspect of the usage that can result from this recent technology. “

But Romain’s interest in Artificial Intelligence was born long before the Microsoft Tech Summit. Indeed, this is an area in which our FUNgenieur would like to supplement his expertise because he knows how important it may become in the future. In addition, Montreal is becoming THE capital of AI thanks to its companies and research institutes, in which the IT giants have not hesitated to invest.

“AI is certainly the technology to bet on with the blockchain (storage technology and information transmission without control organ) for the upcoming decade and that won’t stop there.

Under this opaque term hides a vast range of technologies that can be useful for many fields such as medicine, health, bioinformatics, robotics, image and video processing, predictive analysis, art, the simulation of complex systems or even entertainment. “

One of the questions that often arises in the debates on artificial intelligence is the place that AI can take within our society. What do you think of this “issue”?

“Of course, ethically it can be scary, because the issues and questions that it raises are numerous. They can revolve around for example the status of robots, their rights, the invasion of privacy, or the complete replacement of human labor by machines. But personally, I think we can be confident, and I my trust rely on the conferences and public debates that are organized and usually help a lot eliminating any doubts. “

According to Romain, the laws and limits that should monitor this innovation are still unclear – it is still primarily the responsibility of the companies that implement this technology to be mindful and considerate in their approach.

In any case, and as our FUNgenieur says: “It is not yet too late to take the AI ​​train, and it is indeed a very promising train” Punchline!

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