Alan Longhini, Fly-By-Wire and landing Gear systems specialist

Hey Alan, could you tell us a little bit about yourself? Salut Alan, peux-tu nous en dire un peu sur toi? Due to academics, work, or simply personal ambitions, I’ve never lived more than about 10 years in the same country. Though I was born in Brazil, and did most of my studies in the [...]

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Another proof of the fast and important development of SII Canada is the recent opening of our office in Ontario, more precisely in Toronto. Manon has been working on this project for one year now and plays the key role of  SII development in Toronto. In addition to thanking her for this wonderful first year, we [...]

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SII Canada opens a new office in Toronto

Groupe SII announces a first major client in Ontario with the opening of its new office in Toronto. The French Groupe SII is a trusted technology partner and well-known European brand, providing high value-added solutions for IT and Engineering projects within the world’s largest corporations.  Present today in 18 countries, Groupe SII have just announced [...]

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