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A consistent and adaptable service

Depending on the needs expressed and the results, quality or time-frame requested by SII’s clients, the Company can work with them in various consistent and adaptable ways.

“Measuring programming progress by lines of code is like measuring aircraft building progress by weight.”

Bill Gates, Microsoft founder

Modes d'intervention SII Canada


SII’s services address all of the consulting and engineering needs of its clients in need of high value-added solutions.

  • Design and studies necessary to complete all or part of a project,
  • Advice, project management support,
  • Network architecture and information systems,
  • Information system services relating to quality, security and other matters.

With its functional and technical experts, SII develops personalized responses to its clients’ requests. Our experienced engineers work on information system projects at their inception to propose effective tools to facilitate decision making.

sii-canada-mode-intervention-operating-placement-at-regie-staff-peopleTime and Materials represents a flexible and adaptable approach. Regardless of the nature of the skills required, SII can assign teams to work with its clients.

Additional training is frequently scheduled in order for our consultants to keep up with innovations and for SII to provide services in all fields. This enables them to offer our clients the benefit of their technical and functional expertise.


Service centers combine the flexibility of technical assistance with the obligation to achieve certain results under contracts for packaged services. They provide responses to recurrent needs for specific resources and fluctuations in workloads.

After examining the specific needs and obligations concerned, SII assigns a team to its client, tasked with working on given technical or functional projects. Service centers may be located at a client’s premises or at one of the SII offices and provide :

  • Flexible and adaptable services from a large organization,
  • Commitments regarding both the resources used and the results achieved,
  • Maximum responsiveness.


Packaged services are a form of outsourcing entailing a commitment to achieve certain results. Thanks to its extensive experience, SII can guarantee its clients that it will complete projects on budget and on time, with high quality standards.

With its recognized ability to manage large projects, SII commits regarding results, completion deadlines, oversight and follow-up warranties on the work and the possibility of performing maintenances and upgrades.

Based on its clients’ requests, SII offers them an approach adapted to their needs. Both flexible and transparent, it gives them the possibility of exercising control over the pace of projects and decision-making.

SII now covers 18 countries located in Europe, North Afrika, Asia, North and South America. Most of SII international subsidiaries are the direct consequences of successful international support of our customers.

Making a sucess of its internationalization is great challenge for each company. Led by its experience, SII provides internalonal solutions to its customers whether SII is already present or not. It is also important to know that SII Canada, because of its geographical situation, is planning to move to USA in the coming years to fully address North-America market.

sii-canada-mode-intervention-operating-offshore-international-offsetIs your company looking for ways to outsource functions in order to cut costs, but without compromising quality, systems or deadlines? SII’s offshore services make it possible.

SII started to develop its offshore service in 2006, after 25 years in the business. Today, with its development operations in Chile, Romania, Morocco, Poland and India, the Company offers its clients the possibility to outsource entire projects to foreign countries, while maintaining high technical, functional and relational standards.

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