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Another proof of the fast and important development of SII Canada is the recent opening of our office in Ontario, more precisely in Toronto. Manon has been working on this project for one year now and plays the key role of  SII development in Toronto. In addition to thanking her for this wonderful first year, we offer you a focus on our Lead Manager :

  • Can you tell us your background ?

I have a master degree in International Business from a French Business School (Toulouse Business School) and I have been working since the beginning in the consulting field. I first worked for Altran for 3 years, then for Acensi for 2 years and I have joined SII Canada 1 year ago. I have been working as a Business Manager this whole time : My role is to develop the business opportunities in my dedicated area, to recruit the best consultants in my team, to manage them, and to monitor my own profit center.

  • Why did you decide to come to Canada ?

My fiancé and I were seeking a new challenge and were curious to discover a new culture and work within a new environment. Canada met most of our criterias and the process for visas was quite easy.

  • After 1 year, how do you judge the evolution of SII Toronto ?

We started SII Toronto from scratch in February 2017 (like SII Montréal in March 2015) and like every new project, it came with several phases. The first phase was to set up the office, do some market studies, find new clients and network, up to the official opening of the branch in September 2017. Within the last 6 months, we grew from 1 to 6 employees whcich is a very big success for us. Several big clients trusted us with their projects and we are forecasting a outstanding growth by the end of this year.

  • What are the main differences for you between Quebec and Ontario ?

Ontario definitely has a North-American mindset comparing to Quebec (which has its unique culture and mindset). Communication here seems to happen more often by emails than in face-to-face, in order to save time. Ontario residents tend also to be more direct in their conversations.

  • What are the goals of SII Toronto for the 2nd year ?

Our main goal is to continue to grow continuously an to keep supporting our clients with an efficient and quality work. We hope that we will reach a 15 to 20 employees target by the end of the year.

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