In order to keep on following Microsoft’s new technologies and to always offer new services to our customers, SII Canada, through Aymeric, is currently working on a Chatbot service. Our FUNgineer explains herunder in details this new service:

What is a Chatbot ?

A Chatbot is a program a user can have a conversation with, in order to obtain information or a service. This program is usually embedded on a website or on an instant messaging application such as Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business or Slack.

Why did Microsoft create this platform?

It was already possible to create bots for services like Facebook Messenger but Microsoft is taking advantage of the emergence of artificial intelligence services to unveil its own platform.

Called “Cognitive Services”, they allow to add intelligence and interactivity to the Chatbots developed. Previously, the user had to write messages in a specific format that can be understood by the Chatbot. By using one of its new services, for example the Language Understanding Intelligent Service (LUIS), Chatbot can now more effectively interpret the messages received, allowing the conversation to get closer to a real exchange between two people. This improved interactivity consequently creates more activity between users and Chatbot.

Why use a Chatbot?

Instant Messaging services have become very important for businesses. With Chatbots, users have a centralized access point to different services, allowing them to perform daily tasks from a single application.

The use cases are multiple. Deployed on a website, a Chatbot can guide users to certain available services or connect them with the right people.

Internally, on a messaging service or an intranet, it can, for example, provide  your colleagues’ availability by querying their respective calendars and allow to schedule meetings.

Even if this technology is still young and many improvements are underway or forthcoming soon, SII Canada believes that it is important to start identifying concrete business cases right now on this matter. Indeed, with the multiplication of available services for employees, Chatbots offer a solid solution to simplify the access to these services and the general information.

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